Dekno Models has released in 1:48 and 1:72 scale a 3D printed model of the Menasco B6S Buccaneer engine air-cooled inline six-cylinder aviation engine

The Menasco B6S Buccaneer engine was rated at 200H.P. and was used primarily in sport and light aircraft during the 1930s and 1940s. This engine was a key piece in several sport aircraft and was very common in air racing in the late 1930s, as well as being the heart of many champion aircraft.

480800 - 1:48 Menasco G6S Buccaneer - Price: €13.50

720800 - 1:72 Menasco G6S Buccaneer - Price: €10.50

The following aircraft flew the B6S Buccaneer among others:

Alcor C-6-1 Junior, Brown B-2 Racer, Chester Goon, Crosby CR-4, Fokker S.IX/2, Folkerts SK-3, Howard DGA- 4 and DGA-5, Miles Mohawk, Northrop Beta 3, Rider R-6, VEF I-14...

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