A review of two resin sets of wheels for F-101 Voodoo 1/48 kits.

The F-101 Voodoo was a jet fighter in service between 1957 and 1984 with the United States Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force.

It was employed as a nuclear-armed fighter-bomber for the USAF's Tactical Air Command (TAC), and as a photo reconnaissance aircraft through different versions.

Plus Model offers two versions of resin wheels for 1/48 kits of the F-101, with references Al4090 (F-101A/C) and AL4091 (F-101B), and this review has been written using samples sent by the company.

Parts come on a plastic bag with a back of black cardboard. It has two wheels for the nose and two for the main landing gear with their inner rims apart. They all come with a casting block.

Plus Model has included also a self-adhesive mask for the wheels, that can be used either to mask the rim or the tire.

The wheels for the F-101A/C (AL4090) have a round profile while the F-101B is flat. The nose wheels seem to be the same on both sets.

There is no specification of the kit manufacturer they fit, so they should be fine with any 1/48 F-101 on the market. 

The resin used is light grey, and quite rigid but not brittle. Detail is fine, surface is smooth and almost gloss, without texture, and there are no bubbles or imperfections. The shape is also correct, with no deformations.

The whole main gear wheel for reference AL4090 is 16,00mm diameter and 6,00mm wide while AL4091 is 16,00mm diameter and 5,15mm wide. Unfortunately I have no references on these aircraft so I can not comment on accuracy.

Parts can be removed easily from the casting block, smaller ones with a blade and the main gear with a fine saw. A file can clean the rests in both cases. Despite the casting block looks a bit large, once removed there are no visible marks.

The bottom part of the main gear wheels are slightly sagged to reproduce aircraft weight. The rim fits perfectly on the main wheel with no gaps.

Comparison of both wheels

Comparison of both wheels


These are two nice sets of wheels for the main variants of the F-101 Voodoo, with a subtle sagging on the main gear, with good fit between the rim and the wheel and no casting defects.



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