Hawker Hurricane MK IIA photographed on display at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton Ohio in 2022.

"The Hurricane was one of the most famous British fighter of WWII.  First flown in November 1935, the plane was in production by October 1937.  Soon Hurricanes were being delivered to their operational squadrons.

Best known for its role during the Battle of Britain, when the battle started in July 1940, the RAF Fighter Command only had 527 Hurricanes and 321 Spitfires to counter the enemy's 2,700 aircraft.

Hurricanes were built in Great Britain,  Yugoslavia (before the German invasion) and Canada.  They were flown by pilots of many nations during the war.

This Hurricane Mk IIA is painted to represent an aircraft of 71 Squadron, RAF, one of three Eagle Squadrons composed of American Volunteers".

Delby Davis



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