Darren Baker takes a look at a 1/32nd scale release offering titled WWII Axis Pilots in the Cockpit (German, Italian, Japanese)


This offering from ICM, arrives is a flip top cardboard box, with a separate card lid showing the art work for the model. The contents are packaged in a single re-sealable plastic bag which has protected the contents well which is a single sprue. This offering from ICM is a timely release, due to the number of 1/32nd aircraft kits they have released.

The German pilot is suitably attired for any of the kits that ICM has released in 1/32ndscale. Leather flying jacket with a wool lining and leather gloves, along with the blue heavy trousers and mid calf boots. The pose if typical of a pilot in a Bf 109, as the seat and the pedals are more or less in alignment as you have your feet out in front of you. An area of confusion with this figure, is that it is shown on the box lid with an inflatable life preserver on, and the assembly instructions do not show this. Looking at the moulding of this figure, I do not believe that a life preserver is in place. Which would be unusual during the Battle of Britain. The flying helmet is a standard soft leather version, with built in head set, and is finished off with the figure wearing goggles. Disappointingly, ICM has not moulded the goggles in clear plastic. The parachute for this figure is shown being sat on in the artwork of the box, and on the lower back on the instruction sheet. Aircraft such as the Bf109 would have the pilot sat on the parachute and I am unaware of them being worn on the lower back.

The Italian pilot in this set is wearing the baggy coveralls, life preserver, leather gloves and midcalf boots. The flying cap is a standard soft leather version, with built in head set, and is finished off with the figure wearing goggles. Disappointingly ICM has again not moulded the goggles in clear plastic. This figure should be an easy proposition for any of the 1/32nd scale aircraft so far released.

The Japanese pilot, is an unusual release in this scale as I am unaware of ICM having released a 1/32nd scale model for this figure. The outfit of the figure is a baggy padded coverall. The ribbed design life preserver, with a four point harness. Boots are again the preferred foot ware, leather gloves are also in place. The flying cap is again an all leather affair with built in ear phones, and while flying goggles are provided they have been placed on the cap, rather than on the face. I find myself wondering if ICM has a Japanese aircraft in the works. One can but hope, that this is the case.



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