TP Aviation’s second book in their Rotor Book series takes a look at the US Army Combat Aviation Brigade.
Here we take a peek at the contents of this "Foto Manual".


The US Army’s Combat Aviation Brigade of the is a multi-functional unit made up of several different helicopter types and Unmanned Aircraft Systems, plus the necessary support equipment to operate in any environment. This book features UH-60 Black Hawk, CH-47 Chinook, AH-64 Apache, HH-60 Black Hawk Medevac, UH-72 Lakota, and two Unmanned Aircraft Systems, the RQ-7B Shadow and MQ-1C Gray Eagle. Up until 2017, the OH-58 Kiowa was part of the CAB, and is also featured.

In the book 

The book comes with a soft cover, and is in a A4 landscape format with 136 glossy pages and approx 500 colour photos.

The photos are the stars of this book with many great shots of the aircraft and equipment used by the CAB.

Although there isn't a great deal of text, this doesn't detract from the wealth of info you can find in this "Foto Manual". 

A short introduction of the set up and use of the CAB starts the book. This is followed by chapters of the aircraft and equipment the CAB use, with a short intro on each type.

The chapters and a brief description are as follows -

Kiowa Warrior

The chapter on the OH-58D Kiowa mainly revolves around Operation Desert Freedom, with lots of photos of the Kiowa in the desert environment.


This chapter takes up a whopping 33 pages, with loads of walkaround pics of the Chinook.

Black Hawk

29 pages of pictures of the Black Hawk are shown with many depicting how weathered these helos can get.


Assigned to the Attack Battalions of the Air Cavalry, the Apache is the premier attack helicopter of the US forces.

Apaches on various operations and walkaround photos are in this chapter.


A controversial choice as the armies newest helicopter, the UH-72 is basically a civilian EC145 Eurocopter, and was selected as the light utility helicopter in 2006.

Not loads of pics, as this chapter only covers 7 pages.


Active CAB units use two UAVs, the MQ-1C Gray Eagle and the smaller RQ-7B Shadow. Several photos of the UAVs are shown.

Equipment and Gear

Logistics, supply, command and control, and maintenance units are covered in this chapter.


Although this book doesn't go into too much written detail on the Combat Aviation Brigade, this is still a nice book and a handy guide due to all the walkaround photos inside.

The pictures are beautifully photographed and reproduced with no signs of distortion in the pictures.

Although not aimed at modelers, there is enough pictures of the airframes, interiors, avionics bays and various open hatches to help in your build.

This is a beautifully illustrated and interesting book, and I do enjoy pictorial books by Robert Burik. 

This is a handy resource and an interesting read and visual treat.

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