This is the first book from TP Aviation from the series called Rotor Books, and their first publication is dedicated to the UH-60 Blackhawk.


The Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk was designed to replace the ageing Bell UH-1 Huey during the 1970s.

It made its combat debut in 1983 during Operation Urgent Fury, the invasion of Grenada. Black Hawk has participated in every major US Army campaign since.

Upgrades have included the UH-60L, UH-60A+ and UH-60M, all detailed in this book.

In the book 

Published by TP Aviation and produced by Robert Burik, this is a Foto Manual, so expect a lot of pictures of the Blackhawk, and not a concise history on the subject.

The book comes with a soft cover, and is in a A4 landscape format with 126 glossy pages and over 400 photos.

Unlike the previous releases from TP Aviation, Rutland Harriers and Alpine Hornets, this book is more dedicated to modellers with hundreds of pictures of the exterior and interior of the UH-60.

The chapters cover the four main variants of the Blackhawk.

The first page gives you the Introduction, which is a very short history on the helicopter followed by its use in the Lift Battalions.

This is followed by a small history on the each of the variants found in the book.

The chapters and a brief description are as follows -

Alpha - UH-60A

The shortest and weakest chapter in the book, as there are only a few pictures of the interior of the cockpit, but there is some nice photos of the A version in use. 

As no Alpha's exist anymore, pictures of this variant are thin on the ground as they have been upgraded to later marks.

Lima - UH-60L

The largest chapter covers the Lima variant and is packed with photos of the helo's exterior and interior.

Interior shots are for the nose bay avionics, cockpit, crew cabins, the various panels dotted around the airframe, plus the engine and gearbox bays. 

Exterior shots cover the rotors, rotor hub, tail unit, wheels, and various angles of the Lima.

Each photo is captioned so you know what your looking at.

Plus - UH-60A+

The Alpha Plus was to bring the Alpha's up too Lima standards and this chapter shows some of the differences found, as well as interior and exterior shots.

Mike - UH-60M

Chapter on the Mike version which brought in digital displays for the cockpit.

This chapter follows the same format as found in the UH-60L section, so features plenty of photos of interior and exterior parts. 

Medevac - HH-60

Possibly the most important role of the Blackhawk is Medevac missions, and this chapter covers what the interior looks like, as well as exterior pics.

Crew gear and support equipment

A very interesting chapter that covers the gear the crew wear to the various tugs, carts and vehicles that keep the Blackhawk operational.

Chapters like this are not normally covered in other books, so the inclusion is a very nice touch.

Unit Markings

The last chapter covers Division and Company markings, plus some of the personal markings applied to the helo.


Although there are other books that deal with the historical aspect of the Blackhawks life and service these tend to be more of a written affair, but with this book its main aim is to show you pictures of the interior and exterior, with a little help from the captions for each photo that really help with what you are looking at.

Apart from the first chapter which is a little light on interior pictures, this is a great resource and a pretty interesting read and visual treat.

The chapter on the support equipment is interesting as most walkaround books miss this out completely. 

This is a valuable book that will help anyone building a Blackhawk.

The interior and exterior pics are top notch and anyone who wants to build a authentic UH-60 this is a must have book.

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