Here we take an inbox look at the U-2R 'Dragon Lady' Senior Span from HobbyBoss in 1/48th scale.

Spies in the sky used to be the sole ability of aircraft. Satellites then came along, which killed off the SR71. However, the U2 series of spy planes turned out to still be required with I believe the war in Iraq being the major saver. HobbyBoss released a 1/72nd scale U-2R Dragon Lady some months ago and has now quickly followed up with a 1/48th scale release. I am not familiar with this particular set up of the U2 however, it does give the aircraft an interesting appearance. Gates between parts and sprue are on the large size in some cases, with the wings leading edge causing me the most concern as regards risk of damage. Surface detail is exceptionally high in my opinion, but I am in no position to guarantee the accuracy of the detail. I am very impressed with the amount of cockpit detail and if accurate is very surprising. The sensor and aerial arrays under the aircraft are numerous, and will require care during placement due to how many of them there are and the angles required. Images if the glazed parts of this release, do not show the part as seen with the naked eye and are better than indicated in the image. The result of all this, is an impressively sized model of an aircraft rarely seen and of what I consider a visually appealing model.



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