Stratus/MMP brings us no.28 in their Spotlight ON series with the subject this time the Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX vol.1

The new A4 hardback book  form MMP/Stratus contains forty-two pages richly coloured illustrations by author and illustrator Robert Grudzień. There is a single page introduction by the providing a brief overview of the development and construction of the Spitfire Mk.IX. The author briefly explains the variations of the Mk.IX including the F.IX, LF.IX, HF.IX, FR.IX and finally the T.9.

Most of the illustrations feature single side profiles, either port or starboard. One LF.IX has views of the upper and lower port wing,  illustrating the full application of the invasion stripes. Another shows full upper and plan views of a LF.IX, showing in full the RAF scheme ‘A’ camouflage pattern. The illustrations are first rate and the author has provided details of each aircraft including location, pilot, Squadron and date. Crucially the author has provided his interpretation of the paint used or the lack off on each aircraft. There are scrap illustrations featured on some of the profiles giving more detail of anything of interest marking wise [insignia, emblems art work and mission or kill markings]. 

The illustrations start off with the Spitfire Mk.IX prototype adapted from prototype airframe of a Spitfire Mk.III. It’s unusual to see the Mk.IX in a temperate land camouflage scheme [dark earth/dark green] and as is typical for any RAF prototype it has yellow under surfaces. The prototype type 385 floatplane [a converted LF.IX] is also featured again with yellow under surfaces. Most camouflage finishes illustrated in this book are for RAF day Fighter [dark green and ocean grey] or desert [dark earth and mid stone] schemes. This could have resulted in page after page of repetitive schemes, but the author has found some great variations with the application of insignia, Squadron markings and invasion stripes. There is even a test Spitfire LF.IX that has a rather revealing pin up painted on the forward fuselage. There are some interesting alternatives including the polished metal Spitfire IX hack Lt Col. Emmette P. Allen of the USAAF as well as the aluminium painted F.IX of 40 Sq. SAAF Spitfire. Another bare metal Spitfire F.IX adapted to the role of high-altitude interceptor. Even the national markings are removed as well as much of the armament. A fighter reconnaissance Spitfire FR.IX in PR pink is featured. There is a LF.IX in French markings with an interesting non-standard camouflage pattern on the rear fuselage. Finally, there is a Soviet two seat Spitfire UTI trainer. Such a fascinating collection of marking options.


This book is a great source of ideas if you’re planning to build a number of Spitfire Mk.IX’s. The illustrations are first rate backed up with useful information on each aircraft. It certainly peaked my interest and has had me mentally planning a couple of builds in the near future. Highly recommended.

Spotlight ON 28: Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX vol.1

  • Author: Robert Grudzień
  • Illustrator: Robert Grudzień
  • Colour pages: 44
  • Format: A4 HB
  • ISBN9788367227414
  • Catalogue number: Spot. 28

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