Here we take an inbox look at the Russian MIG-29K from HobbyBoss in 1/48th scale.

HobbyBoss has released their own version of the Mig-29K in 1/48th scale. A look at the sprues reveals clean mouldings that have very nice surface detail. The gates which seems to be an on/off problem with HobbyBoss are a little on the large side, and in some cases go on to the mating surfaces. This will make clean up in a number of cases a struggle. The exhaust detail is very pleasing, although could be improved with resin. Undercarriage bays contain a very pleasing level of detail straight from the box. For me, the most pleasing aspect of this release is the effort put into the stores provided for the model. There is a very large selection of weapons systems, that have a good level of detail present. The weapons have a large number of decals, to enable accurate stencil detail and pleasingly this level of detail extends to the pylons. This release from HobbyBoss of the Mig-29 is not the cheapest, but to my eye is well priced for what it delivers.  



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