Ginter Books has published a new book on the Northrop F-20 Tigershark written by Northrop Test Pilot Paul Metz

"This definitive Tigershark book features original documents and photographs, most in color and previously unpublished. Original documents of USAF struggles to name the Tigershark the F-20, Presidential directives to build a fighter for export and limitations on sales, performance with no government funding are a few of the many examples of original documents pivotal to the F-20 story. With Tigershark Voices quoted from 8-other Test Pilots/Engineers.

Also included are the various F-20 follow-on proposals: RF-20A/B, F-20B/C/E/F and Lavi fighters. As with all Ginter books, the F-20 Tigershark also presents information of interest to the scale modeler.

Beyond the detailed color photos, the book has many detailed factory drawings of the F-5 and F-20 with 3-views, cross section cuts and inboard drawings showing structure and equipment in great detail. The cockpit comparison drawings are masterpieces of the graphic arts. With Tigershark Voices quoted from 8-other Test Pilots/Engineers"........................................................Ginter Books

Northrop F-20 Tigershark

Author: Paul Metz

Pages: 144

Color photos: 296 

 B&W photos: 20

Illustrations: 135 

Order number - NFAF228

ISBN: 979-8-9854726-6-0

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