Darren Baker takes a look at a new Kagero book covering the Panavia Tornado.


Kagero have produced a good number of titles in various book series, and this is the first title I have seen called “In Combat”, from Kagero covering the Panavia Tornado and its life in service.


This book is authored by Salvador Mafe Huertas and Riccardo Niccoli. This offering is a soft backed book with a card cover protecting 68 heavy stock semi gloss paper pages, plus an A4 poster of the titles front image. The contents of the title are laid out as follows:


The Tornado IDS

The Airframe

The Powerplant

The Avionics

The Radars

The Navigation System

Weapons Delivery

Self Defence Systems


Tornado at War

Middle East

The Balkans



Operations against the Islamic State

RAF Jet Strike Chemical Weapons Facility in Syria

The End of the Tonka

Tornado SEAD and ECR

The Tornado ECR

Luftwaffe Tornados return from counter IS Missions

Anyone who has read a Kagero book previously will know that they can mix text with images very well. This title is no exception, having an excellent mix of text to pictures for the number of pages in the title. In the middle of the book, are four pages showing artists impressions of the Tornado in profile, most shown from the sides, but the one in the centre shows above and below as well. You then get eight pages, showing scale drawings of various Tornados. These are all in 1/72nd scale, except for the last one which is in 1/48th. When looking through the title, make a point of noticing how dirty the tail gets, due to reverse thrust braking. The pictures in the title would I feel, benefit from better captions as the information provided is limited.


This series from Kagero, is I feel their attempt to present a rounded title on the Tornado. The mix has been well considered, with my only complaint being that the captions could be better on a good number of the photographs. But as a title I feel they have the balance right, and so provide the modeller and those just interested in the Tornado, a pleasing mix of data. Some of the pictures in the book are stunning examples, of how some people can get a picture just right. 



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