Armory has opened up pre-orders for their first 1:72 scale plastic injected kit: the MiG-3 late ‘Bloody 1941’

"Dear fellow modellers,

We're quite excited to introduce You our very 1st plastic model kit in 1/72th scale!

This kit became a complicated challenge for us, as it was not easy to develop a reliable MiG-3 that meets your most demanding expectations. Traditionally already, we have added as many paint and marking options to the kit as possible, so as not to limit your choice of appearance of the model in your collection.

We hope you will have a great fun with the new MiG-3 model from Armory".......................Armory 

Pre-order can be made on the Armory website

AR72011 - MiG-3 late ‘Bloody 1941’ set – 1:72

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