Here we take a look at a Mig-29UB in Ukrainian Air Force release in 1/72nd scale by IBG Models.


This Mig 29 from IBG in 1/72nd scale is provided in a cardboard tray, with a card lid showing the artwork. The contents are for the most part individually packed sprues. This approach means the model has arrived in good condition as intended. An examination of the parts reveals no obvious moulding issues, with the only concern being the removal of finer parts without causing damage to them. Starting in the office, the cockpit is very well detailed for 1/72nd scale and even the seats have harness detail replicated on them. The raised sides of the cockpit tub are mounted separately as is often seen in larger scale models. The painting of the interior is indicated during construction, but I personally would use on-line reference. 

The fuselage of this release is provided as a top and bottom half and that includes the wings. What you will need to remember to do is open up the holes in the lower wing should you wish to add weapons. The intake slats and nacelles pretty much obscure air entry into the engines from the intake end, and so I am not concerned that there is no tunnel to the engines. The airbrakes between the engines are replicated, and while not shown open do look good. The exhaust nozzles of this release are unbelievably made up of 5 pieces, which is impressive in a 1/72nd scale kit, and the visual finish that provides. The under carriage and its mounting points are pleasingly detailed for this scale, and I was especially pleased to find the trolley provided for pulling the aircraft around on the ground behind a towing vehicle, and the detail that has been put into this singular aspect of the model should be noted as a big plus. The cockpit canopy is reasonably thin and so should not cause too many issues. You do have the option of showing the canopy open or closed, but in this scale I think I would have it closed. 

The armament provided for this release is R-27R, R-27T, R-73E, R-60 and IBG have provided 2 of each of these, with the exception of the R-27s which use different bodies but the same things. IBG has provided 5 finishing options for this model, with the decals themselves being more to akin of a larger scale model, and if you manage to put all of the really small decals included in the correct place without messing anything up you get a big clap from me! What will help you is that the stencil applications common to all of the aircraft finishes and for that matter the weapons are well covered in the finishing sheet and will only be a struggle due to the sheer complexity. The finishing options are:

Mig -29 UB 9-51 “White 90”, 40th Tactical Aviation Brigade, Vasilkiv, 2016 - This particular version as a digital camouflage and IBG has provided this camouflage in decal form should you wish to use it, an alternative suggestion would be to cut the decals into pieces and use them as masks.

Mig-29UB 9-51 “White 02”, 114th Fighter Aviation Regiment, Avano - Fivsk, 1982

Mig-29UB 9-51 “Blue 51”, 9th Tactical Aviation Brigade, Ozerne (Zhitomir), 2007

Mig-29UB 9-51 “Blue 61”, 642nd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, Martynivka, 2002

Mig-29UB 9-51 “Blue 65”, 642nd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, Martynivka, 2001



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