Review of Plus Model 1/48 Pilot of a Me 262

Plus Model reference L4096 is a Me 262 Schwalbe pilot in 1/48 scale. The pilot is standing with a foot on a box.

Parts come on a rigid, transparent plastic box/blister, with foam on the back and cardboard. The back of the cover has an illustration, the same that on the front but bigger. It can be used as painting guide, although there is no reference to colors.

The resin is light grey and figure comes in one piece, only the box is apart.

Both parts have a casting block, the one on the box being quite large so it is better to use a saw to remove it. They are on the bottom so no detail is affected.

The figure has some flash but it can be removed easily and without damage with a blade. Its smart design allows that no detail is affected by the same.

I have no references to check the accuracy of the uniform, but in any case the details of the figure is very good, with well marked reliefs to make painting easier. The collar of the jacket is specially delicate and well done.

The figure has a height of 36,90mm.

In summary, the figure looks very good, from face to uniform details, with no defects or bubbles, and will enhance the model of a Me 262 with a simple ground base.



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