LukGraph has started taking pre-orders for their 1:32 and 1:48 scale Rumpler 6b.1

LukGraph Rumpler 6b.1 | 1:32 & 1:48

From today we accept pre-orders - shipping time to 60 days.

Rumpler 6b.1  1:32 scale

Rumpler 6b.1 1:48 scale

The Rumpler 6B was a German single-engine floatplane fighter with a biplane wing structure, designed and built by Rumpler Flugzeugwerke, in Berlin Johannisthal and introduced in 1916.

Kit-set contains:

Resin Casting Parts:

  • Fuselage, wings (steel wire reinforced), horizontal and vertical fins, ailerons. 
  • floor, floats, tail wings – 2 kinds (for prototype and serial)

3D printed parts:

  • Full Interior, grate, gun, propeller, Mercedes D III engine + exhaust pipe, compass, radiator.
  • All struts, strong ABS resin printed with holes to easier connect parts with wire.
  • 3D printed parts packed in an additional box to ensure maximum protection.
Other content detail:

  • photo-etched parts
  • Windscreen - PE+film
  • Decals 4 schemes, Naval hex decals included
  • Colored instructions

Painting schemes:

  • no. 751 Rumpler prototype
  • no. 751 Rumpler Marine prototype with camouflage, Zeebrugge
  • no. 1045 Rumpler Marine in standard late-war camoulflage (Naval hex)
  • no. 1051 Rumpler Marine in standard late-war camoulflage (Naval hex)

The 1:48 scale model has the same details as the larger 1:32 scale model. It looks great - the small 3D parts make an amazing impression.

More photos of the kit-sets in the shop.

LukGraph Team

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