In the first release in their new Vintage Treasure range, Special Hobby will revisit their classic 1:48 short-run kit of the Latécoère 298 floatplane.

The Latécoère 298 was a French torpedo bomber and anti-submarine floatplane. It also was one of the most efficient French aeroplanes, built in 1939 and introduced to service a year later. Late 298 aircraft fought in the 1940 Battle of France, served with the Vichy regime, captured aiframes were even put to use with the German Luftwaffe and one of them was later captured back and used by the RAF. Following the Anglo-American landing operation, the French Lates again saw service against the common enemy. And finaly, the last of the type flew well until the 1950s as trainers.

This kit set was originally released in our Azur edition, now we bring it back in a new range called the Vintage Treasure. Such labelled kits are meant for those more experienced of modellers. The kit consists of injected styrene parts, resin parts, vacuum-formed canopy and a decal sheet catering for one 1940 French airframe and a 1944 Luftwaffe captured machine.

Item #VT48001 will be available soon from Special Hobby - Price: 47.39 Euros

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