Special Hobby have released their popular 1:72 He 162 with new decals for captured aircraft in Allied hands.

One of the many wunderwaffen supposed to save the Third Reich, but failed eventually, was also the Heinkel He 162A Spatz jet fighter. This aircraft was a part of the Volksjaeger programme and became involved in the war only at its very last stages. Luftwaffe’s jet engine powered aircraft were very welcomed booty of the Allies and the Spatz jets were the most numerous of all jets that got into their hands. These rather diminutive jets were tested in the USA, UK, France as well as in the USSR.

Excellent and detail-oozing kit whose parts offer flawless fit are now joined by a sheet of decals with markings of machines test-flown in all the mentioned countries.

 -    Superb injected styrene parts

-    Interesting colour schemes

-    Also available for the kit are: M72030 spray masks, F72365 figures, resin sets 7443 He 162 Engine, 7444 He 162 Gun Bays, Q72361 He 162 Ejection Seat and Q72362 He 162 Wheels.

Item #SH72475 is available now Special Hobby from - Price: 16.90 Euros

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