AZ Model has released six editions of the Heinkel He 162 B ‘Volksjägger’ Luft 46 in 1:72 scale

“A long-awaited novelty is the He 162B model. This model will be released in six interesting variants of wing and engine assemblies. Even in camouflage there will be a lot to choose from”!.................AZ Models

AZ7851 - Heinkel He 162 B-1 ‘Volksjägger’ Luft 46– 1:72

AZ7852 - Heinkel He 162 B-2 ‘Volksjägger’ Luft 46– 1:72

AZ7853 - Heinkel He 162 B-3 ‘Volksjägger’ Luft 46– 1:72

AZ7854 - Heinkel He 162 B-4 ‘Volksjägger’ Luft 46– 1:72

AZ7855 - Heinkel He 162 B-5 ‘Volksjägger’ Luft 46– 1:72

AZ7856 - Heinkel He 162 B-6 ‘Volksjägger’ Luft 46– 1:72

Although the Heinkel He 162 A did see combat in the latter part of WWII the He 162 B was a proposed project. So all the marking options are fictitious.

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