Here's a look at Eduard's new SPACE 3D decals for their 1:48 Focke-Wulf Fw 190F-8.

Eduard have released a SPACE 3D decal upgrade set to accompany their new-tool Fw 190F-8.

The current Fw 190F-8 boxing is a ProfiPACK affair, so it already includes a very impressive set of colour photo-etched parts, but this SPACE set is still definitely worth checking out for the  greater depth in the detailing, with intricate integral knobs and switches that hard to achieve with photo-etching.

The set arrives as two elements - a sheet of 3D decals containing 15 items for the major parts, and a fret of 14 etched accessories that supplies a seat harness and rudder pedals, along with a map-case and its strap, undercarriage indicators and the mounting for the throttle.

The 3D decals really impressive with their depth and detail, plus pre-printing/painting that is far finer than most of us could ever hope to match by hand. The level of detail is really quite exceptional, right down to the instrument bezels which are precisely outlined in colour and have "glazing" inside the bezels over the pin-sharp faces.

The parts should be straightforward to fit, because Eduard have designed them to attach to the blank kit pieces that were originally intended for conventional decals. This means very little surgery will be required.

The colours look good and the RLM 66 is certainly believable for one of the variety of shades you can find in references. This of course raises the perennial issue with pre-coloured parts - i.e. they might not match the particular brand of model paints which you use, so there will almost inevitably be a little bit of experimenting required.

As supplied, the parts have a pristine "factory fresh" appearance, and a little subtle weathering and highlighting will not only make the 3-dimentionality pop out even more, but will help blend them in with surrounding painted areas.

As you'd expect from Eduard, there's a very clearly illustrated set of instructions provided, and using the set looks very straightforward. This would be an ideal choice for anyone wanting to try 3D decals for the first time and will really make a great choice of upgrade for a Weekend Edition Fw 190F which surely can't be far off.


Eduard have really covered pretty much every conceivable option for detailing their new-tool 1:48 Wurger's "office". Firstly, there are the already very acceptable kit parts and decals, plus the extra level of photo-etched detail in the ProfiPACK boxing. Then there's a superb complete replacement cockpit in the Brassin range. And now there's this, offering yet another alternative way to include truly eye-popping detail of a kind which most of us could only have dreamed of even a few years ago. 

Are we spoilt for choice? A better way of looking at is that there's something to suit every taste, depth of pocket and style of modelling in Eduard's range. I've got the Fw 190F-8 lined-up to build this year, so I'll definitely give this set an outing as part of the blog to show the options available.

Many thanks to Eduard for providing the sample set.

Set #3DL 40817 is available now from Eduard - Price: £6.27

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