Eduard have given their lovely 1:48 Wildcat some much sharper "teeth" in the shape of a 3D printed .50 cal gun barrels.

The first thing that strikes you with this set is the packaging - the new gun barrels are securely fixed to the bottom of a hinged jewel case. With valid modern-day concerns about overpackaging, some might argue this is excessive - but how many times have we been disappointed to find delicate parts damaged in transit? That's extremely unlikely here. And, as an added bonus, you've got a useful little storage box for future projects, so it certainly isn't wasted packaging in my opinion.

The styrene guns in Eduard's Wildcat certainly aren't bad, but they inevitably have mould lines - plus they aren't slide-moulded, so you're faced with the tricky job of drilling them out if you want a more realistic appearance. By comparison, these new 3D printed guns are much more crisply detailed and, of course, have hollow muzzles. The set includes six barrels, so is suitable for all Wildcat variants.

The new guns are direct replacements for the kit parts so most experienced modellers probably won't even bother to consult the neatly printed instructions.


These 3D printed gun barrels are an instant improvement over the kit guns and, for less than a couple of quid, they are definitely worth considering for their far better appearance (to be honest, you'd probably pay half of that at your local craft shop for the little plastic box they arrive in...).

Item #648769 is available now from Eduard - Price: £1.92

Many thanks to Eduard for the review sample.

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