Tim looks at Detail & Scales Aviation Publication new monograph on the Republic F-105 Thunderchief In Detail & Scale

Detail & Scales Aviation Publication new book on the F-105 re-visits the first Thunderchief monograph released in 1982. Amazingly the F-105 was still in service with the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve when it was first published

There are a number of chapters including:

  • Introduction
  • Thunderchief History
  • Thunderchief Variants
  • YF-105A, YF-105B, RF-105B & JF-105B, F-105B, F-105D, F-105F, F-105F & F-105G Wild Weasels
  • Arming The Thunderchief
  • Thunderchief Details
  • Cockpit Detail
  • Windscreen & Canopy Detail
  • Fuselage Details
  • Internal Bombay Detail
  • Wing & Inlet Detail
  • Pylons, Fuel Tanks & ECM Pods Detail
  • Landing Gear Detail
  • Tail Detail
  • Engine Detail
  • Modelers Section

Introduction provides an explanation of the reasoning for this updated book originally published by Detail & Scale in 1982 at the tail end of the F-105’s service life. There is a brief overview of each chapter. One eye catching feature of the book is the inclusion of twenty-six cockpit color photograph.

Thunderchief History quite rightly starts off with a brief history of the company that created the F-105: Republic. There is also a brief overview of the aircraft built by Republic and its predecessor Seversky. The F-105 started off as a private venture that was quickly accepted by the USAF particularly as it had internal weapons bay. The USAF saw it as an ideal high-speed low flying multi role platform capable of carrying nuclear arms. It was a very adaptable airframe that carried almost all the conventional weapons in the USAF inventory. The chapter describes the changes with each variant and its service with the USAF and the ANG. Also noted are the important upgrades and enhancements that the variants received over their service lifetime. There is an overview of the ‘Thuds’ operation over North Vietnam. Including high risk day and night operations as well as ‘Wild Weasel’. The chapter includes several illustrations providing details of the various units operating the F-105 in the days it was left natural metal or painted with silver lacquer.

Thunderchief Variants provides an informative look at the various test and production models of this distinctive aircraft. It was a time of rapid development of technology and capability which is reflected in the many changes and upgrades with each variant. The section is chronological and the detailed information on each variant is backed up with numerous color images.

Arming The Thunderchief reveals the adaptability of the ‘Thud’. The chapter describes the internally fitted M61 20mm Vulcan Cannon and the occasionally attached Tactical Nuclear stores. Externally the chapter describes the use of conventional bombs, training stores, napalm, cluster bombs, rocket pods, Bullpup missiles, Sidewinder and Anti-Radiation missiles. There is a separate section on the pylons, fuel tanks and ECM pods. There are numerous illustrations in both sections of the various bits of ordnance, fuel tanks and pods. Particularly important from a modelling perspective to correct the many poorly represented parts of the kits of the F-105.

The cockpit detail provides images of the F-105B, F-105D, F-105F [non-Wild Weasel], F-105G as well as the ejection seat. There is an excellent section on the types of windscreen and canopies. It would be an interesting challenge to replicate the ADF antennae embedded in the canopy of the F-105B. 

The rest of the sections on the airframe is just a mine of information and images. The author and contributors have really pulled out all the stops including them. There are many images of open access panels and the electronic equipment, open radome revealing the R-14 Search and Ranging radar, internal bomb and undercarriage bays, and engine air inlet shapes are just a few picked out. Modelers will be checking out the aftermarket products in an effort to reveal some of the detail that is evident in the many images.

Finally, there is a modelers section. Such a valuable informative resource that is easy to access saving valuable time trawling the internet for reviews. It looks at 1:144 1:100, 1:72, 1:48, and 1:32 scale releases


This is an outstanding reference resource by Detail & Scale for the Republic F-105 Thunderchief. The narrative is absorbing both on the technical side and the people that built, maintained, and flew the ‘Thud’. Detail & Scale great strength is the number of people contributing quality images. The author brings them altogether along with plenty of informative captions creating a one stop resource for anyone interested in this classic fighter-bomber. highly recommended

F-105 Thunderchief Detail & Scale Series Volume 15

Author: Bert Kinzey

Illustrators: Rock Roszak, Jim Rotramel

ISBN-13‎ 979-8374942491

Print Edition:

  • 102 pages
  • 258 photos [227 in color]
  • 19 illustrations
  • Publication Date: February 5, 2023
  • $19.99 from Amazon

Both print and Kindle formats of the book are available from Amazon

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