Eduard have released a beautifully detailed set of Brassin wheels for ICM's series of Dornier Do 17/215 kits.

The casting is flawless in the sample set. There's no flash to worry about and preparation will be straightforward. The wheels are designed "weighted", with the casting point on the flat spot of each tyre, while the tailwheel's fork is attached to its casting block by a series of thin channels.

The wheels and tailwheel housing are cast in grey resin, while the fork uses a harder white resin. I'm not sure the latter is strictly necessary in this instance, because there will be very little weight on the tailwheel - but it does no harm to be on the safe side, particularly if the finished model will be displayed in a hot environment.

The instructions are neatly produced, with very clear diagrams showing the simple assembly, how to use the washi-tape painting masks and, finally, the correct sit for the weighted mainwheels. 

Comparing the resin parts with the kit originals shows straight away what a huge improvement they offer. The new mainwheels have much better detail on the hubs, plus maker's text on the sidewalls. The treads are in a different league to the plastic versions, being correctly raised from the tyres' surfaces and, of course, doing away with the seam on the 2-part kit wheels. (Incidentally, it was only while preparing a kit wheel for this comparison that I discovered that the tread pattern doesn't actually line up straight from the box - although that will be simple to sort out.)

The tailwheel is a similar improvement, and the hollowed-out housing looks far better than the solid kit version. Having a separate fork scores on three counts; not only does it look better and make painting easier, but it also allows the tailwheel to be turned to one side like the full-sized one if you desire, giving a little extra "life" to the finished model.


Eduard's Brassin Do 17 wheels are a massive improvement over the original ICM parts in every regard. The parts will be very simple to install, being designed to fit without the need for any modification to the kit. As such, this will be an ideal upgrade for anyone trying aftermarket parts for the first time.

One minor point to note: the package indicates they are designed for both the ICM and Eduard's re-boxing of it, whereas both the wheels and masks are already included in Eduard's current release - "Kampfstift" - reviewed here: 

Maybe there'll be future Eduard Do 17s without the Brassin wheels - but, at the moment, you're already sorted.

Many thanks to Eduard for providing the sample set.

Item # 648608 is available from Eduard now - Price: 119.83 Kč (£3.96) before local sales tax

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