Iliad Design have released a very attractive new set of 1:72 decals for the Twin Otter. Rowan takes a look.

The set arrives sealed in a zip-lock bag with the decals accompanied by a comprehensive set of instructions.

1. RCAF DHC-6 s/n 13808 in United Nations service, 1971.

2. USAF DHC-6 s/n 77-0465 used by the Air Force Academy parachute team carrying commemorative WW2 markings and "invasion stripes"

3. DHC-6 of the Ethiopian Army, 1976 

4. DHC-6 of the Panamanian National Aeronaval Service (SENAN)

5. DHC-6 flown by the Chilean Air Force on Easter Island

6. DHC-6 floatplane operated by the Peruvian Transportes Aéreos Nacionales de Selva (TANS) with combined military and civil markings.

As you'll expect from Iliad Design, the decals themselves are superb quality - very thin and glossy, with excellent colour depth and accuracy, plus pin-sharp register and minimal excess carrier film. My previous experience with their decals is that they perform faultlessly, responding to light-strength decal solutions for a "painted on" look.

Accompanying the decals is an excellent set of instructions. The featured schemes are illustrated with high quality colour profile and plan views, along with notes highlighting the specific details of aircraft.

Where Iliad take things to the next level is by also providing no less than three pages of references for items like antenna configurations, door styles and other details.


This is a very well produced set of decals for the Twin Otter that offers some really varied colour schemes - there genuinely should be something to suit every taste here. Matchbox's neat 1:72 DHC-6 Twin Otter first appeared around 40 years ago and is still widely available under the Revell banner, so this is an ideal set to accompany it.

Item #72021 is available now from Iliad Design - Price: $14.00

Many thanks to Iliad Design for the review sample.

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