Answer Plastic Kits is now taking pre-orders for the three editions of the 1:72 scale CASA 295M transport

Today we started the pre-order of the CASA 295M model.

For a good start, there will be three C 295M models. The first of them will include two occasional paintings by Robert Firszt ('Dragon' and 'Skar wyński'), and the second four painting schemes of the Air Force during the over twenty years of service of these aircraft in Poland. Third is CASA 295M in the colors of the Czech Air Force. At the moment we are waiting for one in Kalkoman. We will send the model in May (this year, so there are no doubts).

We invite you to our online store.

The three 1:72 scale editions include:

72031 - Casa C-295M Polish Air Force

72032 - Casa C-295M Czech Air Force

72033 - Casa C-295M Polish Air Force Special Markings

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