Darren Baker takes a look at the Zvezda Boeing 757 - 200 in 1/144th scale.


The following introduction is as provided by Zvezda:

The Boeing 757-200 is the most common variant of the narrow-body Boeing 757, which has been in production since 1982. The mid range 757-200 was developed by the US aircraft manufacturer Boeing as a replacement for the successful 727. The jet is powered by two types of engine, Rolls-Royce and Pratt and Whitney. From 2005 several airlines fitted their planes with winglets, to improve fuel efficiency. The aircraft became one of the most successful passenger models, of the American manufacturer, and is still operational is fleets of many airlines. In total 1050 Boeing 757 airliners were produced from 1982-2005, including 80 aircraft of the 757-200PF cargo version. 


This offering from Zvezda, is provided in a substantial cardboard flip top box and this is further protected, by an end opening card carton. Inside is a single plastic bag, containing the model parts with a Ziploc bag that contains the clear parts and the decals. I have removed the decals from the bag, and placed them in the instruction booklet as I feel this offers better protection to them. The parts of the model are well moulded, with no visually obvious issues provided care is taken during removal from them sprues.

Assembly of this model will not be difficult beyond some very small parts. The cockpit for a 144th scale model is very nicely detailed, and more than up to what the eye will be able to see through the glazing. A nice improvement to models of this scale is that the glazing for the windows is provided, rather than the empty openings that was the case in the past. Something on note which I also like to see, is that Zvezda has provided details on the requirement for a nose weight to prevent a tail sitter should the model be displayed on its undercarriage. I would always advise that a little extra weight is added than indicated, as you cannot be sure that you have added the weight at the point where the instructions indicate.  Of note is that no cabin interior has been provided. 

The flight surfaces are well detailed, with the wings being assembled into a single structure before being added to the fuselage. The engines themselves do have some detail inside to represent compressors and exhaust, but I feel could benefit from some additional photo etch which I suspect will become available very soon. The nacelles themselves are well detailed, as are raised surfaces on the underside of the wings. The under carriage has a reasonable level of detail, considering the small scale. I however, suspect that due to a well shaped display stand being included, most modellers will close the under carriage doors and display the model on the stand. 

Only an Iceland Air finishing option is included in the offering, and I am very pleased with the quality of the colouration of the decals, their thinness, and silver has been particularly well replicated.


Airliners are not a modelling subject that usually appeals to me. But, the two recent releases I have seen have peaked my interest, despite the small scale and subject matter. The quality of the mouldings is very good, the detail on the mouldings is also of a high standard. I do like that a display stand has been included, as it has very nice lines. The model only has an Iceland Air finishing option which may detract for some, but I still think the colours are visually appealing and should make for a visually appealing result.



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