Andy Brazier takes a look at Eduard's TFace mask set for their 1/48th A6M2 Type 21 Zero fighter.

In the bag 

Packed in the now standard sealed bag, with a cardboard insert, the contents contain one set of masks, both the exterior and interior are on the one sheet, and a set of instructions.

Each set is made with the usual kabuki tape, and having used Eduard masks before they are easy to apply, leave no residue on the part and if you are careful when removing could be used again.

This set holds the interior and exterior for all three of the main canopy parts, and four masks for the tyres, so the hubs can be sprayed, although this does seem a little redundant as the hubs are separate parts.

The tail wheel has some very small masks for the tyre.

The wing navigation lights also have some masks, along with one panel for inside the cockpit (which you can't see, once the fuselage is closed up).

Although you don't need to "weed" (removing the unused parts of the masks) the sets, it does make it a lot easier to see the parts for masking. Be careful though as the set has masks for the tail wheel, which are fairly small.

As the Zero has a greenhouse canopy, the mask set is a Godsend for those of us who can't be bothered to make your own or attempt to paint the frames.

Application is straightforward and very easy to do, and doesn't actually take that long to apply, with each part fitting pretty much perfectly.






The instructions are printed in a black and white line drawing, with the masks to be used highlighted in blue for a particular panel. The instructions are well drawn and easy to follow, with the kit parts to be masked clearly marked. The instructions are easy to follow even if you have never attempted masks before.

As with all the latest Eduard sets and kits the instructions can be found on the product page on Eduard's website.

Mfg. ID - EX821

Suggested Retail - 6,24 £

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