Among the recent releases from Fantasy Printshop is a phenomenal set of 2-seat Hunter decals. Rowan takes a look.

It's common for aftermarket decal sheets to offer a healthy variety of alternative colour schemes for kits, but I think Ray Horwell at Fantasy Printshop must have set a record (or come close to it) by including no less than 27 (yes, you did read that correctly) aircraft in his Hawker Hunter T.7 collection. The almost bewildering selection includes something to suit all tastes, from camouflaged and silver aircraft, through to "Raspberry Ripple" schemes.

The decals arrive in a simple zip-lock bag and are spread across two sheets, with squadron insignia on one and serial numbers and national markings on the second. Sufficient roundels are provided to complete two colours schemes - one high and one low-viz - but you can purchase more roundels and fin stripes separately from Fantasy Printshop if you want to model more of the featured aircraft.

As always with Ray's work, the decals are beautifully printed, with pin-sharp registration and minimal excess carrier film except where it's used to group items. 

The decals are supported by clear profiles showing both sides of each aircraft, plus upper and underside views of each type of colour scheme. The following aircraft are included:

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL601, 1 Squadron, RAF Brawdy, late 1960s. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, WV372, 'R', 1 Squadron, RAF Brawdy, late 1960s. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL621, 'L', IV (AC) Squadron, RAF Gutersloh, West Germany. April 1970. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL596, 'l', IV (AC) Squadron, RAF Wildenrath, West Germany, late September 1970. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, WV318, V (AC) Squadron, RAF Brawdy, October 1974. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL612, 'T', 8 Squadron, Masirah, Oman, 1967. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7A, WV318, '318', XV Squadron, RAF Laarbruch, West Germany, 1983. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL600,'83', RAF Wattisham Station Flight, 1970s.

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL600,'83', RAF Wattisham Station Flight, 1970s (2nd colour scheme)

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL573, '573', 12 Squadron, RAF Lossiemouth, early 1980s. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, WV369, 'T', 28 Squadron, Kai Tak, Hong Kong, mid-1970s. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL611, 'T', 43 (China British) Squadron, RAF Leuchars, 1959.

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL619, '77', 45 Squadron, RAF Wittering, 1974. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL596. 54 Squadron, RAF Stradishall, March 1960. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL609, 56 (Punjab) Squadron, RAF Waterbeach, 1960. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL600, 65 (East India) Squadron, RAF Duxford, October 1960. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL620, 66 Squadron, RAF Acklington, 1960. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL566, 'T/W', 1417 Flight, RAF Khormaksar, Aden 1967. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL620, 74 Squadron, RAF Acklington, 16 September, 1961 . 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL566, 'Y', 208 Squadron, RAF Muhurraq, Bharain 1970. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7. XL620, 216 Squadron, RAF Lossiemouth, 1980. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL592, '93', 229 Operational Conversion Unit (145 Squadron), RAF Chivenor, 1961. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL583, '84', 229 Operational Conversion Unit (234 Squadron), RAF Chivenor, late 1960s. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL573, 237 Operational Conversion Unit, RAF Honington, 1983. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL573, 'WC', 237 Operational Conversion Unit, RAF Honington, July 1987. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL591, 4 Fighter Training Squadron, RAF Valley, 1980s. 

Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7, XL621, '81', 4 Flying Training School, RAF Valley, 1973.


Fans of the 2-seat Hunter are almost spoilt for choice with this set of decals. Realistically, most modellers won't want to build all twenty seven schemes, so including national markings for two aircraft makes great sense, and the sheet still represents good value for money. It really comes into its own, though, as a basis for a group or club build, and a table covered with such a mass display of Hunter trainers would be a real show-stopper.  

72-002 AIRFILE is available now from Fantasy Printshop - Price: £17.95

Many thanks to Fantasy Printshop for the review sample.

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