Eduard's 1/72nd Z-37 is a very nice kit but Eduard being Eduard have released a couple of sets to improve the base kit.


The Zlin Z-37 Čmelák (Czech: "Bumblebee"), also known as LET Z-37 Čmelák is an agricultural aircraft which was manufactured in Czechoslovakia. It is powered by a Soviet-built Ivchenko reciprocating engine. The aircraft is used mainly as a crop-duster.


Both sets are packaged in the now familiar Eduard re-sealable bag with the resin parts and a small photo etch fret, with the wheel set having a set of masks as well, and both have a small instruction sheet.

Casting is near on perfect with no discrepancies in the resin.

All the parts are connected to a casting block and on the most part shouldn't be too difficult to remove.

I have compared the Brassin sets to the plastic parts in the pictures, the plastic parts are a dark grey.

Z-37A aerial applicator 

Aerial application, or what is informally referred to as crop dusting, involves spraying crops with crop protection products from an agricultural aircraft. Planting certain types of seed are also included in aerial application.

This set is a direct replacement for the kits plastic offering.

Inside the bag you will find four resin parts and a small fret holding five parts, two of which are spares for the supports.

A small set of instructions complete the set.

The instructions are fairly easy to follow, even though at first glance it does look a little confusing, but most of the diagrams are for the placement of the P.E parts.

The reverse of the instructions have the painting number guide, and the parts tree.

Comparing the parts to the plastic offerings you can see the resin parts are a lot more refined with a deeper detail for the parts, and in the case of part R4 (plastic part B15) the spoked wheel part is a lot bigger.

The largest part, R1, does have a quite large casting block attached to the base, which does need a razor saw to remove it, then a bit of sanding, but this only takes minutes to achieve.

Part R3 needs to have a small piece of wire (not supplied) attached to it. 

The small fret replaces the one part photo etch in the kit, and the largest piece is quite a lot  bigger then the kits part. Looking at pictures of the real applicator it does look as though the Brassin offering is more the correct size.

The build doesn't actually take that long to do, but it is a little fiddly as the P.E parts have a very small gluing area.

A little sanding of the lower wing needs to be done to attach the applicator (not done on my pic), so it sits correctly, and this looks to be the hardest part as the sanding area is round.

Mfg. ID - 672248

Suggested Retail - £4.16

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Z-37A wheels 

This another set that replaces the kits parts, this time just the wheels and the mudguards for the main wheels, and the entire tail wheel assembly.

A handy set of masks are also supplied for painting the hubs of the wheels.

The instructions are the usual Eduard affair, and are easy to follow with paint numbers from the Aqueous and Mr. Color range of paints.

The main wheels are beautifully cast with the hubs integral to the tyre, unlike the kits plastic parts which have the hubs separate. 

The resin wheels have a weighted appearance, which the plastic ones haven't. 

The main wheels have mudguards over the top half of them, and in the plastic version the outside hub is moulded onto the mudguard supports, which does make painting the hub a little difficult.

The resin replacement don't have the hubs moulded onto the supports has both sides of the hubs are on the wheels, but you do get a choice of types of mudguards to build.

First up is an all resin affair, which is nice but does have a little flash in-between the struts, second up and looking a lot better in my opinion is a resin and photo etch affair.

Although the resin/P.E guard looks quite fiddly to build it is actually very easy if you glue one of the struts first then bend the rest of them around the guard.

The tail wheel and strut is a one piece resin part, but does suffer from a little flash which will need removing from the strut, and replaces the three part plastic and one photo etch part of the kits offering. 

To tell the truth I much prefer the plastic parts over the resin, as the plastic and P.E just looks better.

Mfg. ID - 672247

Suggested Retail - £3.73

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Both sets are pretty nice, and both are quite inexpensive, but are they really needed?

The answer to that is a personal choice but I would definitely say the aerial applicator does improve this part a whole lot, where with the wheel set its a mix of good and bad.

I would definitely use the wheels and resin/P.E mudguards as they do look a lot better then the kits parts.

All in all I would recommend both sets to upgrade the base kit of the Z-37.

Our Thanks to Eduard!

This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. 

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