DN Models have released a Camouflage Paint Masks Set in 1/48th scale for a F-4E / F-4G Phantom II Wild Weasel.

Wild Weasel V F-4E / F-4G Phantom II USAFE Camouflage Paint Masks Set 1/48th

Suggested scale - 1/48th

Suggested kits - F-4E Phantom II & F-4G Wild Weasel kits from Zoukei-Mura, MENG, Hasegawa

SKU -48/827-124


The set includes three sheet of masks (shown in the picture).  The masks are made from thin masking tape, which is easy to be peeled off and doesn’t leave any stains. The tape is tested on clear and painted model too. If carefully removed after painting, they can be used over and over again. Material is flexible and easily applied over curved surfaces. Semi-transparent for easy and accurate placing.

The Wild Weasel was a code name given to USAF aircraft capable of firing anti-radiation missiles. Their main task was Suppression of Enemy Air Defences /SAED/. In mid 1960s, Vietnamese forces were using Soviet SAM – Surface to Air Missiles. Those created a lot of troubles for US NAVY, Marines and Air Force aircraft. In order to counter the effectiveness of cheap and widely available SAMs, USAF introduced SAED equipped airplanes to fight the threat. They were called Wild Weasels. Several types were equipped with electronics to do the task, most noticeable of which were F-105s and F-4s. Latter one was further improved after the end of the conflict in South-East Asia.

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