Magic Factory announces a new, 2 in 1 Vought F4U-1A/2 Corsair

A  limited edition, with parts for building two complete 1/48 F4U models, that is, one F4U-1A and one F4U-2. So a 2-in-1 kit.

Features of the kit:

1. Wings can be built to fold and unfold positions. 

2. Overall detailed rivets and lines in skin replicated. 

3. Accurate engine appearance and external details replicated. 

4.  Instrument panel parts without details for modelers to use aftermarket 3D decals easily. 

5. Optional positions for separated rudder control surface, flaps and ailerons. 

6.  Exhaust pipes goes with different engine models included. 

9.  Bomb bay can be built open, with gun and belt provided for your preference.  

10. Rich details of landing gear and wheel well. 

11. Finely printed decals included for 4 painting schemes 

12. Fine PE included.



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