Kovozávody Prostějov [KP] Models is to release four 1:72 scale Editions of the Hawker Tempest next month

“Kovozávody Prostějov will launch these novelties on the market in May. Tempest … who read Pierre Cirstermann’s Great Circus knows that a 1/72 scale legend is coming to market. Our first covers contain exclusively the Mk.V version, both from series 1 and later made.

The price will also be interesting, only 12,99,- Euro.Another version of this legendary aircraft, the Mk. II and Mk. VIs will go on sale at the beginning of this year’s holidays”………………..KP Models

The new 1:72 scale Tempest releases in May will include:

KPM0219 - Tempest Mk.V Wing Commanders

KPM0220 - Tempest Mk.V Clostermann

KPM0221 - Tempest Mk.V Series 1

KPM0222 - Tempest Mk.V 486.(NZ) SQ

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