Hypersonic Models is taking pre-orders for a 3D printed brake chute set for the Lockheed SR-71 in 1:48 scale

"The pre-order for the SR-71 Full Chute set is now LIVE!

It's been quite a delay since first announced because a number of problems needed to be sorted out to get this right... But the production of the chute canopies is now in full swing. These sets are produced in VERY small numbers only and will be produced according to pre-order numbers. This set is big, not cheap (sorry but the costs are high for me as well) and require modelling skill. Still with me? Then head over to the web shop and pre-order. Should the numbers exceed the planned first production batch and therefore show out of stock please email me and I will increase the numbers”………………..Hypersonic Models

This is a comprehensive set to build the Revell SR-71 with deployed brake chute. The Set includes:

  • an open chute bay set (as HMR 48047) in 3D printed resin (with a design modification to mount the riser shackle. You can't re-use 48047 for this)
  • a lower riser bundle in cast resin with a carbon fibre rod inside
  • a 3D printed riser fan-out piece (which connects the riser bundle with the individual riser lines and has 44 small holes for the riser lines to thread through)
  • a roll of 50m of flat, unwaxed dental floss for making the individual risers from the fan-out to the canopy skirt
  • 3 pieces of thin carbon fibre rod to (optionally) replace 3 "floss risers" and make the construction more rigid
  • and most importantly: a one-piece 3D printed resin chute canopy.

The canopy is printed in flexible resin and with (for its size) minimal supports. Modelling skill is extremely recommended for this kit, it's not a shake-and-bake set. However thought and care went into designing everything to be as pain-free as possible. Instructions will be provided here for download (no print instructions will be included!). The assembly is about 50cm long from shackle to the top of the canopy and about 16cm in diameter. This set is extremely limited and available by pre-order only.

Due for release on 10 March 2023


HMR 48053 – Lockheed SR-71 Brake Chute Set – 1:48

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