Laminar Flow Design is releasing their 1:32 scale Spitfire Mk.XII conversion March 14th

LFD32-003 release.

When: THURSDAY March 14th, 15:00utc

You can order this conversion set from Laminar Flow Design

Price is fixed at 49€ ex vat

There will be around 40boxes available. I don’t expect a mad rush on this one, so this should be sufficient quantity. The set comprises just 2 cages, production is straightforward and won’t get delayed too much in other case.  All in all, having a low interest with the type, combined to the small production numbers, I was initially reluctant to start working on this set. Interest quickly increased once I started to read and document on the technical aspects. And the squadron’s history and achievements finally made me very fond of the Spitfire XII. And I believe I’m not the only one.

Speaking of the set. Lot has been learned during and after the previous sets design and production. And a lot of refinements are included in this one. There is abundant use of custom supports that prevent parts warping or deforming during the printing process, and also facilitate the removal.

There is an extensive chapter in the instructions for the best approach on removing the said supports. Instructions can be downloaded freely from the product page.

Lot of time has been devoted to get the nose to fuselage joints as adjusted and fitting as possible. No cuts are required for the nose fixation, and putty application should be minimal, or even non-existent.

The only base kit surgery is around the underwing panel, and involve a single straight cut along a panel line. 

I hope you will find as much satisfaction building it as I had developing it.

Next on the 1/32 Spit variant release schedule : Seafire XV/XVII. 2 sets that are developed concurrently, can’t say yet wich one first”…………………………….Laminar Flow Design

Ps: For the braves involved in a MkV conversion, based on the Tamiya kit, or any other kind of work requiring it, the underwing panel with the circular oil cooler could be obtained separately. Just get in touch”…………………………………Mathieu

Comprehensive Set containing 3d printed, Masks and instruction to convert the Tamiya MkIX/VIII kit to MkXII standard.

32 3D printed Parts comprising:

  • Short Griffon Nose
  • Carburator Intake grill
  • Fishtail exhaust stack
  • Complete Spinner
  • Under wing MkV type oil cooler with corresponding wing replacement part.

Masks for 2schemes: 

  • MB840 EB@J
  • EN625 DL@K


Noteworthy: Requires only one straightforward cut in the stock kit: the underwing area.

LFD32-003 - Spitfire Mk.XII Conversion – 1:32

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