Laminar Flow Design is releasing very soon a number of 1:32 scale conversion sets for the low and high back Spitfire F/FR XIV including a motorised option

Release announcement : LFD32-001 batch #2, LFD32-002 batch #1, LFD32-001/2m batch #1.

Friday 15th of September, 16:00 UTC.

There will be: 

60 sets each for LFD32-001/2

5 sets each for LFD32-001/2m motorised version.

Direct link to order:

LFD32-001 Spitfire F/FR XIVe « Low back »

LFD32-002 Spitfire F/FR XIVc/e « High back »

LFD32-001m Spitfire F/FR XIVe « Low back motorised »

LFD32-002m Spitfire F/FR XIVc/e « High back motorised»

All instructions sheets have been uploaded on the product pages and Scalemates if you wish to check on them in advance.

Be on time, the following batch won’t get manufactured immediately as I have work planned in the printing room.


Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here – on AEROSCALE



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