Fantasy Printshop have recently released three additions to their range of solid colour decal sheets.

The new colours are:

FP224 - Grass Green

FP225 - Mid Blue

FP219 - Metallic Bronze (Copper)

Each A5 sheet is priced at £4.95 and is packed in a zip-lock bag with tissue to protect the decal’s surface.

While I don’t think the new colours are intended to match particular FS values, I compared Grass Green and Mid Blue against my trusted old FS 595B colour fan to give a basic idea of the hues:

Grass Green is a close match for FS 14110:

Mid Blue falls into a trio of very similar colours centred around FS 15092:

As we’ve come to expect from Fantasy Printshop, the quality of the decals is superb and an A5 sheet provides ample material for most conceivable modelling uses. 

Solid colour decals probably aren’t something you’ll need every day of the week, but when the need does arise, they are invaluable to have in your arsenal. Obvious uses are for simple areas of coloured trim, but if you use a plotter cutter you can create complex designs to apply as decals instead of masking and spraying.

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