Clearprop Models has released two sets of paint masks and a set of resin engine exhausts for their 1:72 scale Kaman UH-2C and HH-2D Seasprite

“To our autumn novelties in 1/72 scale СР72017 UH-2C and СР72018 HH-2D we have released three sets of additions: CPA72068 exhaust and CPA72069, CPA72070 Masks”……………….Clearprop Models

CPA72068 - UH-2C [СР72017] & HH-2D [СР72018] resin exhaust – 1:72

CPA72069 - UH-2C Seasprite [СР72017] Kabuki paint masks – 1:72

CPA72070 - HH-2D Seasprite [СР72018] Kabuki paint masks – 1:72

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