Pilot Replicas has a three 1:48 scale projects on the goat the moment including the SAAB / SK60 trainer and the SAAB J 29 B as well as a two seat J 28C Vampire

“Hi again, It's not just SAAB J29B that is in production at the moment. We have the long-awaited SAAB 105aka SK60 in 1/48 scale in production PLUS a very long-awaited and correct release of one of history's most successful and popular jet training aircraft,the 2-seater Vampire, in 1/48 scale.... Stay tuned here on Facebook and on our website www.pilot.replicas.com where you can order all our products, directly from us, with world wide shipping”…………………Pilot Replicas

SAAB 105 / SK60 - Trainer

SAAB J 29B  Tunnan - fighter

J 28C Vampire - Two Seat Trainer

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