Kinetic models has announced that they will be releasing in 1:48 scale the F-16V serving with ROCAF

“In 2021 representatives of Taiwan Government announced the upgrade of F-16V Block 20 fleet. The Upgrade has the objective to add advanced systems and weapons to the ROCAF Vipers. 

These upgraded aircraft have the improved AN/APG-83 Radar, new missile computer that allows to operate the AIM-9X Sidewinder, AGM-88 HARM and AIM-120D missiles. Also a MFD Cockpit, new SABER heavy landing gear and wide-angle HUDs are include. All ROCAF F-16s are powered by F100-PW-220 turbofan engines.

Kinetic Model is so proud to announce his new member on the F-16 Gold Series Family”…………….Kinetic Models

48101 - Lockheed Martin F-16V [Viper] ROCAF Single Seater Viper - 1:48 

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