Arma Hobby’s next release of the 1:72 scale Bell Airacobra will be the P-400 featuring three USAAF marking options

"Today we present the instructions for our latest 1/72 scale Airacobra kit. This time, it is a very unusual P-400 version, an aircraft produced for Britain even before Pearl Harbor, but due to the outbreak of the US-Japanese War, it was requisitioned by the 🇺🇸US authorities and sent to the Pacific front. The P-400 fighter was distinguished by its unusual armament – at the request of the RAF, a 20mm cannon was installed in the propeller shaft instead of a 37mm cannon.

The P-400 fighters that fought in the South Pacific, on Guadalcanal (the famous ‘Cactus Air Force’) and New Guinea, featured very attractive looks, wore British camouflage, US stars, and many were decorated with shark jaws. These are the schemes we included in our Airacobra P-400 model kit.

Take a look at the kit’s instructions at our Blog "..............................................Arma Hobby

70057 - Bell P-400 Airacobra – 1:72

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