Good news if you missed it the first time around as the 1/48 scale Northrop M2-F3 lifting body resin kit is back in the Fantastic Plastic Virtual Museum Store

“Our 1:48 scale Northrop M2-F3 lifting body kit is back in the Fantastic Plastic Virtual Museum Store.$80.00 plus shipping”………………... Fantastic Plastic

The Northrop M2-F3 was one of five experimental"lifting bodies" developed by NASA during the 1960s and 1970s to determine the characteristics necessary for controlled, unpowered descent from orbit.

First flown at Edwards Air Force Base on June 2, 1970,the M2-F3 replaced the M2-F2, which had crashed in May 1967. (Actual footage of the crash was seen weekly in the prologue to ABC's "The Six Million DollarMan.") This updated version exhibited far greater lateral stability.

In all, the M2-F3 made 27 test flights before being retired in 1972.

  • Scale: 1:48
  • Number of Pieces: 31
  • Pattern: Scott Lowther
  • Casting: Creative Cast Parts
  • Decals Designed by JBOT
  • Decals Printed by Tango Papa

This is the second of our complete NASA Lifting Body series in 1:48 scale!

Northrop M2-F3 (1970) Experimental Lifting Body – 1/48

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