Kovozávody Prostějov [KP] is to launch in the next few weeks a new tool 1:72 scale LET L-410UVP Turbolet

“The brand new „Turbolet“ in 1/72 scale will soon fly… At the end of February/beginning of March the company KP- Kovozávody Prostějov has prepared a new kit LET L-410UVP Turbolet . The old model from Gavia (also once packed in AZmodel boxes) is really „old“, moreover the known shape and dimensional errors crippled it enough. Turbolet is a Czechoslovak classic and after some consideration we started to prepare a new model. New moulds are being finished and tested now, so we will try to have „a few“ premiere pieces of this new kit at the Malá Pardubická exhibition on 24.2.2024 in Pardubice. As a small taste we bring you previews of boxart for the first four boxes including L-420 , which is not yet available in model form. In the camouflages you can expect besides the obvious military „kafumlated“ CzAF, also markings for Pardubice CLV, OK-BYF Motokov, OK-SDA Air Ostrava, 2311 Slovak AF,2710 CzAF and others. Later we will add comparison of both kits, old Gavia and new model from KP.”………………………………………KP

Some of the ,arking options will include:

  • L-410 Turbolet Czech AF
  • L-410 Turbolet Interflug
  • L-410 Turbolet SP-TXB Ambulance
  • L-420 Turbolet OK-XYA

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