Darren Baker takes a look at a Kagero release titled 'Messerschmitt Bf 109 A-F' as part of their Camouflage and Decals series.


Kagero publishing has a new series of books called Camouflage and Decals, which on this occassion covers the Messerschmitt Bf 109 A-F, but also covers armour in the series that I have seen so far. This book is No2 in the Series Camouflage and Decals.


This offering from Kagero is a soft backed book of A4 size, the card cover protects 40 pages of a silk stock paper. Writing wise we are presented with an introduction to the book series, rather than the contents - in Polish and English with English on the left and Polish on the right of the page. The captions provided, are also provided in duel language.

The book itself provides artist profile of the Bf 109 usually from the left and right sides, with the undercarriage raised and lowered. There is the odd aircraft, that is also covered in full from above, and the wings only from below. The artists profile drawings are provided by Janusz Swiation, and he has done a very good job of showing the aircraft in weathered condition that will help the modeller, who is unsure how to tackle the weathering of an aircraft, and will have some idea of what they can achieve by looking at the book. At the end of this book, a colour palette is provided covering Luftwaffe camouflage colours. The colours themselves are covered by RLM and Federal Standard colours. Also covered here, are the relevant colours provided by paint manufacturers, these companies are;





Testor enamel



Included with this release are decals for models covering the aircraft in 1/72nd and 1/48th scale. Swastika's are also provided but are cut in half to avoid issues with some countries. The decals are of an excellent thickness, and have next to no excess film. Colour and placement is also of a very high standard. I am however, a little disappointed that while they have provided the national insignia they have not provided specifics for the aircraft covered in the book, and that means that you cannot purchase this book, and then replicate an aircraft in it, without further purchases or the ability to print your own decals.


I have looked at a few of the books in this series from Kagero, and have for the most part been very impressed with the contents. I do feel a short introduction to the aircraft, is not a lot to ask, however, the artists profiles are wonderfully done, and show a lot of detail that may otherwise be missed. I cannot hide the fact, that the decals provided, which are excellent quality wise, covering national emblems in two scales - they do not enable the modeller to replicate an aircraft in the book, as aircraft specifics are not provided. 



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