An inbox review of Magic Factory first aircraft kit, the F-4U Corsair

The F4U Corsair is Magic Factory's first model aircraft kit, using their own new moulds.

This reference 5001 is a combo that allows to build two complete F-4U Corsairs in 1/48 scale. One 1A model and one model 2. It is also possible to assemble one with the wings extended and the other with the wings folded. However, it is not possible to make two identical models as there are parts only for one 1A and one 2, and for one with extended wings and one with folded wings.

The models come in a good sized box with a beautiful cover of two flying Corsairs. It is  almost full of sprues. The sprues are in individual sealed bags, so as the photo-etched parts and decals, which also have a protective film. The identification letters on the sprues are hollow, making them easy to find.

The instructions

The instructions are in black and white on a booklet slightly smaller than A4. The first two pages contain a brief history of the aircraft, a drawing of the sprues and colour lists with references to AK Real Color, Mr Color and Tamiya. At first glance they seem quite clear and precise. They are done in 3D with shading and occasionally there are views from another angle to help positioning those parts. There is a single assembly sequence with different steps depending on whether you are building version 1A or 2. There are also separated mid sections to build the wings folded or not, so you can choose to do it with version 1A or 2.

The painting instructions are two large plans printed in colour on both sides with full size drawings of the models. There are top, bottom and each side views. The colour references are for AK Real Color, Mr. Color and Tamiya. For the F4U-1A two decorations are offered: O'Connell's 042 with the USS Kwajalein and 29 of the Lt. Ira Cassius "Ike" Kepford in Bouganville. For the F4U-2 you can choose between the 10 of the USS Enterprise or the 212 "Midnight Cocktail".

The Kit

The main parts of the kit are divided in the usual way, with the wings in top and lower sections and the fuselage in longitudinal halves. The flaps and ailerons come as separate parts, although their position cannot be changed. The parts are very well defined with no flash and no ejection marks, deformation or moulding errors. The details is really crisp and fine. Some parts are very thin and delicate and will require extra care when handling them.

The model includes the engine, the six machine guns and their ammunition belts. It is possible to mount their hatches in the open position, as the corresponding parts are provided for the extended wing version. For the cockpit, moulded cockpit dials and flat cockpit parts are included in case aftermarket alternatives are preferred.

The wheels are sagged to simulate the weight of the aircraft and there are two different models to choose from.

In terms of armament, you can choose between a bomb or an extra fuel tank. Two of each are supplied so that both models can be fitted with the same equipment. The wing radar for the F4U-2 is also included.

The transparent parts are thin and clear. 

There is a small sheet of photo-etched parts for the belts. An interesting detail is that two sets of masks are included to make painting easier, covering the canopies, the bullet-proof glass in the cockpit, the belly observation window and the wheels.

The decals are from Cartograf and allow to choose from four decorations, two for each model. 


A good duo of F-4U models that allows you to build two similar but different models, with attractive details like the folded wings on one or the open machine gun ports on the other. It comes with a good selection of accessories; the photo-etched belts, the engine, the optional flat cockpit to make it easier to adapt  aftermarket instrument panels, or the masks for transparent parts and wheels.

The detail is very fine and overall it looks like two good representations of the Corsair. A full assembly review is in progress and will be posted here.



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