Here we take an inbox look at the Hurricane Mk II C from HobbyBoss in 1/48th scale.

This offering of a Hurricane Mk IIC in 1/48th scale is the second Hurricane release from HobbyBoss. The moulding quality of the kit is good for the most part, but I have found a moulding issue which I will go  into detail shortly. Access to parts and sprue gate sizes are good, and not excessive in quantity. The let down on this release, concerns the tail of the aircraft. Both of the tail fins are deformed, with a snake like sink mark on them. Initially I presumed that this was a one off problem - however looking at other releases it would seem that it is a mould issue that is in need of correction. These marks can be clearly seen in the provided images and are to my knowledge the only issue with what is otherwise a very nicely detailed model, with some interesting features, such as the gun bays, a reasonably detailed cockpit and very good quality surface detail as regards panel line, rivets and so on. 



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