Arma Hobby is to release next month a Hurricane Mk II A/B/C “Eastern Front” 1:72 scale Deluxe Set

Today, we start preorders for a new 1/72 scale model kit: the double Hurricane Mk IIa/b/c Eastern Front Deluxe Set.

A great set for a good price includes double resin 3D prints with parts for the conversion of Soviet cannons and many additional details. The decal includes seven variants of Soviet and British camouflages and markings (incl. RAF No. 151 Wing - Vaenga near Murmansk) and a bonus-surprise (check the the decal)! Promotional bundles

with big discounts are also available. The bigger the bundle, the bigger the discount!

Double kit with 3D printed accessories. Taking pre-orders with delivery starting on 15th March 2024

Kit includes:

  • Two sets of plastic parts (each of Mk II A/B/C versions).
  • Two sets of 3D printed accessories (armament, exhaust manifold, mirrors, mesh frame for the carburetor inlet).
  • Cab and wheel masks
  • Decal with seven marking variants
  • Research by: Grzegorz „Bigos” Cieliszak.

Marking options include;

  • Hurricane Mk IIb, BM959/60. Karelian Front Air Force, 609th Fighter Aviation Regiment, USSR, April 1942.
  • Hurricane Mk IIa, Z2585/42. Karelian Front Air Force, 152nd Fighter Aviation Regiment, USSR, February 1942
  • Hurricane Mk IIc, KX452/64. Northern Fleet Air Force, 78th Fighter Aviation Regiment, USSR, March 1943
  • Hurricane Mk IIb, Z5548/48. Soviet Air Force. Unit unknown, probably 26th Fighter Aviation Regiment. USSR, Winter 1941/1942.
  • Hurricane Mk IIb, Z4017/FU-56. 81 Squadron RAF, Flight B. Operation „Benedict”. Pilot P/O Richard Edward Bush. Vaenga, USSR, October 1941.
  • Hurricane Mk IIb, Baltic Fleet Air Force, 3rd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment. Pilot: Cpt. G. D. Kostyliev, Sinyavino, USSR, Autumn 1942.
  • Hurricane Mk IIb, Z5236/GO-31. 134 Squadron RAF. Operation „Benedict”. Vaenga, USSR, October 1941.

70045 - Hurricane Mk II A/B/C "Eastern Front" Deluxe Set – 1:72

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