Fantasy Printshop have reprinted a stunning collection of Airfile decals for the Hawker Hunter. Rowan takes a look.

To call Airfile's Hunter collection comprehensive is almost to do it an injustice. Compiled by Neil Robinson, it includes markings for over 30 aircraft! 

As you'll expect with Ray Horwell work at Fantasy Printshop, the quality of the decals is superb, with pin-sharp registration and crystal clear carrier film that's trimmed tightly around the glossy items. The colours look great, with excellent density.

Spread over two sheets, the decals include individual markings for all the subjects, plus sufficient roundels for one each of the early and late-style national insignia. Of course, you can always use the kit's decals to make the fullest use of the individual markings. There isn't room on the packed sheets for servicing stencils so, again, the kit decals will provide these.

The instructions are spread over 11 sides of A4 paper, with clear full colour side profiles and plan views by Jon Freeman for no less than 34 colour schemes!


WT588 "P", 43 Sqn., 1955

WT615 "O", 222 Sqn., 1955

WT692 "S", 54 Sqn., 1956


WV275 "D", IV (AC) Sqn., 1956

WV663 "H", 14 Sqn., 1957

XF976 "B", 3 Sqn., 1957

WV255 "X", 26 Sqn., 1959

XE713 "E", 66 Sqn., 1959

XF313 "G", 71 Sqn., 1956

XF368 "C", 3 Sqn., 1957

WV269 "H", 74 Sqn., 1957

WV314 "B", 92 Sqn., 1956

WV267 "R", 93 Sqn., 1957

WT802 "P", 98 Sqn., 1957

XF317 "U", 67 Sqn., 1957

WW651 "F", 111 Sqn., 1956

WT748 "S", 118 Sqn., 1957

XF295 "C", 130 Sqn., 1956

XE689 "K", 234 Sqn., 1957


WP119 "T" 1 Sqn., 1955 

WP130 "S" 34 Sqn., 1956

WN966 "M" 41 Sqn., 1956

WP123 "B" 56 Sqn., 1956


XF383 12 Sqn., 1984 PROBLEM

XJ680 "A" 20 Sqn., 1959

XE647 "E" 63 Sqn., 1958

XK149 "44" 79 Sqn., 1970s

XF383 "14" 222 OCU (145 Sqn.), 1960

XG185 "74" 4 FTS, 1974

XF438 "H" 208 Sqn., 1959 


XF421 "C" 8 Sqn., 1962

XF376 "Q" 8 Sqn., 1961


XF460 "RB" 1417 FRF, 1967

XF457 "T" II (AC) Sqn., 1970

I spotted one small slip with the fuselage serial number decals - there's an extra one included for WP123 at the expense of XF383 in its 1984 scheme. It's not the end of the world, though, because you can construct the missing serial from unused items. 


If you love the Hawker Hunter (and, if you don't, why not?! LOL!) this is a superb decal set that you'll want to have ready in your decals stash. While even the most devoted Hunter fan is unlikely to build all the subjects featured, the decals would be absolutely ideal for a club group-build - and the sheet is remarkably good value for money if you can make the most of it.

Item #FPAF 72-001 is available now from Fantasy Printshop - Price: £19.95

Many thanks to Fantasy Printshop for the review sample.

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