Here we take a look at the Garage Workshop release in 1/48th scale from MiniArt.


MiniArt has been releasing a number of sets in 1/48th scale, which make for ideal releases for the aircraft modeller in this scale. The set itself provides the standard plastic mouldings we are familiar with, a small quantity of photo etch and some very nicely done decals. The mouldings are all clean, with no obvious moulding issues jumping out at me. There are some minor ejector pin marks, but that seems to be the norm these days. I like the fact that oil barrels in the correct scale are provided, as they have a number of uses right down to the days that the RAF used to burn oil at the side of the runway to clear fog. A number of tools are included, with I suspect the compressor and items such as vices and tool boxes having the greatest appeal. YOu also have a selection of hammers and some photo etch spanners I believe. 2 full benches are included, with 8 drawers in each bench - If I am going to complain it would be nice if one of the drawers could be shown open from the kit, rather than via surgery. Other nice electrical items in this release are a pillar drill and a grinder. 


As a set, this release is intended as a garage set for vehicles. But careful selection of what to include and what not to include gives the modeller a chance to utilise it in various settings, and as I have said previously I think the aircraft modeller will be most appreciative of the set as items such as this provides items that are not easily found in this scale and are difficult to replicate due to their small size.



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