Bullseye Model Aviation is to release ‘Fleet Phantoms IV’ covering five more Phantoms including four F-4B’s and a F4H-1 all in 1:48 scale

48-020 covers F-4Bs / F4H-1s

F-4B VF-51 USS Coral Sea, 1972 WestPac cruise. This is the assigned jet of MiG-17 killer LCDR Jerry “Devil” Houston and his RIO Lt Kevin Moore. 

F-4B VF-151 USS Midway, COs jet, 1973 WestPac cruise

F-4B VF-161 USS Constellation, COs jet, 1966 WestPac cruise

F-4B VF-14 JFK CAG jet, 1968 Med Cruise

F4H-1 VF-74 USS Forrestal, COs jet, 1962 Med Cruise

Designed for the Tamiya 1:48 scale kit.

48-020 – Fleet Phantoms IV – 1:48

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