Here we take a look at the latest 1/35th scale release from Hobby Boss of a Storch this time its the Fieseler Fi-156 U Storch.


This offering from HobbyBoss is an unusual release of a Storch as depending on who you believe one to three aircraft were modified and were experimental or put to use defending the Barring Straits. The aircraft were said to be modified from a Fi-156C-2 Storch. The aircraft were intended for anti submarine patrols and armed with 3 500lb bombs - 1 on the centre line and 1 under each wing by the supports. Due to this information this is an unusual release from HobbyBoss in that this is an if it was aircraft and so accuracy has to be questioned over this aircraft layout. 


This release in 1/35th scale of a Storch is the 4th or 5th Storch released by HobbyBoss using the original releases from Tri-star as a starting base. The model arrives in a robust cardboard tray, along with a cardboard lid which provides a good level of protection for the contents. The contents are bagged in a number of clear plastic bags. An examination of the mouldings reveals no obvious issues, other than the potential for ejector pins marks - most notably in the cockpit area. The gates holding the model to the sprue are a little larger than I would like, but are acceptable.

With this being 1/35th scale the cockpit with its large glazed area really needs to be tip top. Looking at what HobbyBoss has supplied I would consider this to be a fair start for most modellers, but there is a lot of extra detail that could be added for an improved appearance. Most obviously no seat harnesses are provided and I am pretty sure that they should be, as I do not know of any aircraft with out any restraints. The rear bulkhead of the cockpit does offer storage of drum magazines for the rear firing defensive machine gun. A compass type of device is also covered in the instructions, this could also be some kind of visual aiming device but I am unable to identify for definite. Also included is a decent representation of the engine, just requiring some wiring to further improve. I am also impressed to see a detailed firewall which also covers the fuel tank.

The canvas nature of the skin of this aircraft is well represented and will look pleasing once painted. Actuator's and counterbalances for the flight controls are especially well replicated on the wings and is one of the areas you are at risk of losing parts. 2 shapes of landing struts are included in a combination of metal and moulded plastic, but no detail is provided as to why they are different shapes. The only thing I can think of is that the risk of bomb drop hitting the undercarriage meant bringing the wheels closer to the fuselage. The glazing of the model is very pleasing having no issues that I can detect, and I also appreciate that HobbyBoss has provided die cut masks for the glazed areas. A single finishing options is included with the release, but HobbyBoss have let themselves down again by providing no details on that finishing option. Swastika's are included on the decal sheet, but application is not covered in the instructions due to the risk of offence. 


This release from HobbyBoss is a nice addition to the Storch range, if a questionable one. My reasons for this being details on the aircraft are sparse, it was either experimental or deployed and so a lot of questions surrounds its being. This leads to questions of accuracy and how HobbyBoss has obtained details on the model. None the less, a 1/35th scale aircraft model in the mid £30 range is not to be sniffed at, and lined up with other releases should make for an imposing display.



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