Fly Models has released a 1:72 scale Fiat G,50 Freccia with four marking options

There are four marking options:

  • Fiat G.50, flown by Maggiore Mario Bonzano, Commander of the XX Gruppo (56 Stprno) known as 20./JG56 by the Luftwaffe, Corpo Aerea Italiano at Ursel, Belgium for operations against the UK, October 1940.
  • Fiat G.50, FA-6/3, of LeLv 26, Finnish Air Force, Lunkula, September 1941.
  • Fiat G.50, FA-22/4 of LeLv 26, Finnish Air Force, winter 1952.
  • Fiat G.50, MM.4744, training unit Italian Air Force 1942.

72046 - Fiat G.50 Freccia – 1:72

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